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Shell Eco-marathon Turkey

Service Provided Organization: Shell & TİM & OİB

Event Date: 2015-2017

Event Location: TİM (Turkish Exporters Assembly – Parking Lot)

Application Period: 3 years


Shell stated that they would like to start their Shell-eco marathon event in Turkey as well; this event is among one of the most important global student innovation competitions being organized in 50 countries for 31 years. It includes younger generations with an objective to cover the longest distance with minimum fuel by their specially-built vehicles.


We started to the preparatory phase of Shell-eco Marathon, which we organized the first one in 2015, by visiting the main event in London on 30 June. After taking note of the spirit and set up of the biggest event held internationally, we conducted the preliminary preparations of the event to be organized in Turkey and carried out the feasibility studies with Shell Europe authorities for 3 months.

The event was organized in TIM Foreign Trade Complex in Istanbul. We improved the flooring of the space used as parking lot and resting area and converted it to a 650 meter track. We developed special barriers, tents, flags and tribunes transforming the area into a complete race track.


Turkey was leading with 16 participating teams to the main event held in 30 June 2016 in Europe. The underlying reason for this is that the first Turkey Shell eco-marathon event we held in the previous year motivated the Turkish contenders and prepared them for the European event.

The competition was organized in two categories; urban & prototype vehicles.

11 teams participated in the first year, 13 teams consisting of around 200 students participated in the second year, and 20 teams plus over 800 visitors participated in the third year.

For 2 days, the teams tried to finish the tours with minimum fuel consumption. The event was completed with the closing ceremony in which the winners were announced.

The event served the aims of innovation-focused organizations such as Shell, TIM and OIB to reinforce innovation-focused brand awareness on mass audience. While increasing the prestige of Turkish teams in Europe, the event supported the development of Turkish young generations by raising their motivation for innovation.