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Payitaht Çarşı Shopping Days

Service Provided Organization: BTSO Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Event Date: 2016, 2017

Event Location: Bursa Historical Caravanserais and Bazaars District


  • Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry requested for a “Shopping Days” campaign to be organized in order to support tradesmen and revive shopping in the district of historical bazaar and caravanserais composed of a 450,000 m² caravanserai, bazaar, street bazaar, covered bazaar, market hall and Turkish hammams.


  • Nearly 1500 businesses participated in the Shopping Days, the first of which was organized by OutWork in 2016.
  • The campaign, which had a turnover of 20 Million TL in 2016 and 30 Million in 2017, was organized together with the National Lottery.
  • Brandings were installed in the entire bazaar, which covers an area of approximately 450,000 m², for promotional purposes.
  • Outdoor advertising was applied at certain locations in the city.
  • Digital media advertising was also used extensively during the event.
  • The Lottery Ceremony was held under the supervision of the National Lottery authorities at the BTSO building.
  • The 2016 awards ceremony was held at the BTSO headquarters, while the 2017 awards ceremony was held with broad participation again at Orhangazi Park, which is located at the upper exit of historical Koza Caravanserai.
  • A Truss Tent was installed for stage decor. The stage, stage backdrop and stage podium were installed in Truss.
  • At the campaign’s award ceremony, in which one lot is granted for each 100 TL spent, 10 Fiat Egeas, 10 Casper Nirvana computers and 10 Casper Via A1 mobile phones were awarded.
  • The process was reported, short social media films were prepared and a process film describing the event was produced.


In two years, the total turnover was 50 million TL, and the bazaar businesses stated their satisfaction in the event while the winners were quite happy. As OutWork, we are glad to carry out the second successful organization of this event.

Application Period: 6 Mounths (2016), 8 Mounths (2017)

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