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Engro Foods National Sales Conference

Service Provided Organization: Engro Food

Event Date: 13-14 August 2015

Event Location: WOW Convention Center


  • Designing a motivational meeting for salesmen of the strongest dairy products brand in the Pakistani region. It was requested that the salesmen, who conquered the sky as pilots in the previous year, should proceed as astronauts with the theme of reaching space in this event.


  • A contract was signed with WOW Convention Center for an hall housing 600 persons. Some exclusive articles and permits were agreed upon since the designated hall would be equipped with a 270 degree hall dressing.
  • 3D hall drawings for the concept were done. 380 pieces of decoration including the production drawings were completed in a short period of 1 month and were prepared for installation. The hall was transformed into a spaceship.
  • The 3-D Mapping show representing the pilots as astronauts and lasting 3 minutes was prepared for the meeting. The show was reflected with high-resolution projections on the ceiling, side panels and stage. Sound design were completed including many special effects special for the film.
  • During the meeting, special videos were prepared for the windows of the spacecraft such as astronauts floating in space or meteors crossing. Therefore, the perception of traveling on a spacecraft was visually reinforced.
  • During the event, walks on fire were performed in order to motivate the audience.
  • The date on which the meeting was held coincided with Pakistan’s National Independence Day, and a special boat tour was organized for them at the Bosphorus. When the time was 24:00, a Pakistani flag was projected to the sky with a laser show and fireworks.


3D mapping show was conducted with audio and visual effects. The Pakistani group of 600 people was hosted without any problems.

Application Period: 3 Mounths