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Design Event in Rural Bilecik

Service Provided Organization: BEBKA (Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Kalkınma Ajansı)

Event Date: 17-27 May 2017

Event Location: Bilecik – Kurşunlu Village

Application Period: 1 Month


Bebka (Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency) informed us that they would like to organize a design event for the village houses in order to increase the recognition of Bilecik villages and to ensure sustainable development of tourism activities.


For the event, Kurşunlu Village located in Gölpazarı district was selected firstly. There are flowers from Balkans brought by the immigrants from their homes that they had to leave, and these flowers are regularly grown every spring by the villagers.
It was agreed that these flowers should be our inspiration for the flower motifs to adorn walls within the scope of the event as to reflect villagers’ culture.
Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Department of Painting was contacted for teaming up a group of specialists to carry out the painting activities in the village, and technical tours were conducted to investigate the condition of the walls to be adorned.
The villagers were informed about the event and their approval was obtained. 


Design and painting activities were commenced by painting bird nests to be set up. Students had the opportunity to practice by creating images of the exquisite sceneries they had witnessed in the village on smaller surfaces before adorning walls. Designed with colorful flower patterns, bird nests were set up next to painted walls at the end of the event.

The old wooden texture was preserved while painting the two old wooden garden doors in the village, and flower motifs matching natural appearance were painted on the doors.

Village’s winter flowers – Snowdrops and Evening Delights – adorned these two doors.

As the flowers, which are symbols of the village, adorned the walls used as canvas, design and art blended adding an aesthetic touch to the nature.