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“BTSO Biz” Privileged Member Card

Service Provided Organization: BTSO Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Event Date: 2016, 2017, 2018

Project Name: BTSO Biz Privileged Member Card


  • Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry requested for developing a system for allowing co-purchasing deals to be signed with the purpose of enabling members of the chamber to benefit from various advantages and promotions and providing guidance support to the members for needed topics during this deal process with BTSOBİZ Privileged Member Card within scope of the BTSOBİZ project.


  • Within the scope of BTSO Biz Privileged member card project, web portal and mobile software projects were developed and a web portal was constructed. Mobile software works will be completed in 2018.
  • Within the scope of the project, nearly 300 firms were contacted for discounts and campaigns, and after the negotiations, we reached to an agreement with nearly 80 firms.
  • The discounts were provided from the firms under the categories of Food, Fuel, Communication, Shopping, Health, Accommodation; Automotive and Energy.
  • A Call Center was established for members within scope of the project.
  • A field team was formed to conduct negotiations with companies.
  • A launching event was organized for the promotion of project.
  • Outdoor and digital channels, magazines and newspapers were used for the promotional activities.
  • A total of 27,000 member cards were produced for BTSO, which has a total of 39,000 members, and the cards were delivered to the members.


BTSO Biz card project, which is the first Privileged Card Project among the Chambers of Commerce in Turkey, set a precedent for the chambers in other cities, gained recognition and frequently recommended. Within the scope of the project, the first phase reached a record number of 27,000. The project is planned to be continued and extended in the next phases.

Application Period: 24 Mounths

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