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Our Approach


1. Brief

We list the brief received from our client on an assessment table in which we consider all factors. We prepare the debrief by designing the pre-event, event phases and post-event using the “Design Thinking” methodology.

2. Debrief

We define and expand on the elements, which can enrich and differentiate the content of the event, and create a debriefing by considering the parameters such as efficiency and benefit derived.


3. Explore

We check the event area for security, area positioning, decor, ventilation, lighting, cleaning plus entrance and exits according to the content and details that we develop before the event.

4. Visualization

We provide a visualization of the area with 3D drawings and videos according to the determined dimensions and event contents.


5. Follow-up

We set the timelines and responsible persons for event phases. We prepare a detailed “To-Do-List” based on the «Event Strategy Sheet» listing all the activities required to be done from the beginning to the end of the event.

6. Event Management

After the pre-event preparation phase is completed, our on-site preparations are initiated. Under the leadership of the event manager, the entire team performs field installations and rehearsals. The entire team, who will be working before the event, is informed and appointed to their respective duties on-site.


7. Report

We prepare our report by including each and every detail of the event. We share the demographic data gathered after the event. In order to evaluate the event phases, we prepare notes for the next projects by evaluating current event’s outputs.

8. Event Film

After the event, we produce a short film that includes all stages of the process.