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About Us

OutWork Event is an event company that designs, develops and manages events especially for creative industries in design, innovation, branding, fashion and trends while managing a 360-degree communication.

As an agency, we serve as a “Event Communication” company that not only manages the operation of events, but we also design, build and organize activities / projects needed by the corporations and brands from start to finish.

With the “Design Thinking” methodology, we develop integrated communication solutions with our result-oriented approach and a commitment to creativity in long-term events and projects that require process management.

That is why we have a multi-disciplinary team consisting not only of event management but also communications, brand management, industrial design, strategic planning, digital media.

As we have gained experience from our frequent work with public institutions and we are aware of the heaviness of your workload, we have the ability to solve your business problems by taking the initiative and report it to you. That is why many public institutions are referring us to other institutions.

As a result of this perspective, we have been involved in and continue to work for the following projects.

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